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Weimar, Now!

The satirical and political songs of the Berlin Cabarets of the 1920s, from Hollaender to Weill and Spoliansky

Youkali - The Songs of Kurt Weill

The life and music of a 20th century genius, from Berlin to Broadway

Songs of Resistance

"Resistance: the refusal to accept or comply with something"

Songs from across the world, featuring music from the Weimar Cabarets and Latin America

Dark Soul

The story of tango told through songs from across the world, from Brel to Berlin and Argentina

Foreign Affair

European Chanson and Cabaret songs, Brel, Weill and more

Homage to Marlene Dietrich

The life and music of an international screen icon, told through her iconic songs

The Last Drink

Bar songs from New York to Berlin, commissioned by the Ruhrfestspiele, Germany

The Tango Collective: The Piazzolla Project

Celebrating the genius of the figurehead of Nuevo Tango, Astor Piazzolla, and the music of Buenos Aires

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